Monday, August 26, 2013

Teenager Reveals Taavi Kassila Tortured Her With Sex Obsession To Dominate Young Girls

The truth  Taavi Kassila is afraid of and scanning forums to delete.

Karoliina Hallenberg wrote to Taavi Kassila because he had repeatedly tried to seduce her as a teenager after her mother had visited him. Kassila even tried to seduce the girl after she had her own husband and children. She accuses Taavi Kassila of having an obsession with dominating young girls and advises him to stop teaching until he has had psychiatric treatment. The translation below is loose and may contain small errors but is simple to understand the sick flaw in Kassila's character.


I find it easy to believe because I know that the girl's story
 is true [Tarina rakkauden apostolista].

You were tried to take advantage of me too Taavi. I was at
that time barely 17 years old.

You know the story, but I'll tell it anyway, so that
others, especially young people and minors learn to be wary
of men like you.

Taavi, you knew mom as well. When you came to our place in
the country when I was still a little girl …

During my adolescence we moved to Espoo. When I turned 16
years. I started going with my mother to a spiritual
center, where you taught yoga. It was not a long time until
you invited me to come visit the center without a mother,
you said that it would be nice to chat sometime when my
mother would not always be present …

There came a time when you came to my house under the
pretext of, you may remember, you were planning to bring me the Amma
movie ... but it was just something completely
different. My boyfriend at the time was working and
that's why I was alone at home. You tried to seduce me into
sex. However, I agreed to it then, and I subsequently. I
was extremely shocked by the events, because You who was
dozens of years older than me, told me you were living as a
celibate and give the impression that you are a great

It took me a long time to restore my faith and
spirituality in "teachers". Fortunately, however,
my experience has helped me to see the life path of men
who have true intentions.

You continued your torturing and seduction business for a
long time. The last session was even after I was living together
with the father of my children.

Taavi, it is extremely dangerous to use
spirituality in favor of  your sexual urges. You are the
skillful at this deception work, I hope the day comes when you have to admit that you
have an addiction of serious concern. You should not work as a
teacher until you have worked out your problem, so that
you no longer are obsessed with dominating young girls.

By what right were so many people ready to judge the girl's narrative
[Tarina rakkauden apostolista]?

Karoliina Hallenberg

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taavi Kassila Compulsively Censoring Suomi24 And Wikipedia

Self-publicist Taavi Kassila is showing mental strain after spending several weeks glued to Suomi24, a popular discussion forum. Kassila is addicted to searching for his name in a desperate attempt to prevent the public from discovering the truth about his unholy lifestyle.

Latest Taavi Kassila discussions: Suomi24 Taavi Kassila

Kassila promotes the self-image of being yogi who has detached himself from the world (by claiming to have retired to an Indian ashram) is in fact hiding in a Helsinki apartment in a paranoid attempt to avoid media attention.

So far, no journalist has come knocking on the door! This in itself a cause of great anxiety for the vain Kassila who declared himself to be an international celebrity in his recent self-brought court case. In court, Kassila revealed that he had suffered emotionally, and more importantly financially, when an ex-girlfriend exposed him as herpes spreading, teenage girl chasing sex addict and religious fraud. In a travesty of justice, Kassila's poor sex victim was tragically ordered to pay damages to Kassila.

Ironically since the herpes court case, Kassila has finally achieved celebrity status. We have proof : internet traffic to the Amma Amritanandamayi Taavi Kassila Sex Scandal Cover-up blog has increased by 2,000% and internet forums polls reveal that Kassila's herpes case is as popular as Big Brother and the former political sexting scandal model the busty striptease dancer, nude model, escort and singer Johanna Tukiainen.

Unfortunately for Kassila, celebrity also brings paranoia. Kassila is complaining every 5 minutes to Suomi24's administrators to delete embarrassing factual comments about his perverse sexual habits including his attempted seduction of teenager Karoliina Hallenberg just a few days after her 17th birthday. Kassila has caused 1000's of comments and 5-7 discussion threads per day to be erased from the public forums. We have started to post those deleted discussion threads on our blog and invite you to send more.

We wonder what the sex addict Taavi Kassila does with all that internet time ever since yoga women are avoiding his herpes-infecting handshakes (according to Suomi24). Does he fuel his insatiable sexual appetite with internet porn? If you know then please write your answer in our comment section.

The Taavi Kassila Wikipedia entry (created of course by Taavi Kassila) does not mention Kassila's dubious court case victory (herpes is difficult to prove). Is Kassila hiding something? The Taavi Kassila Wikipedia Talk section reveals that an attempt to mention the court case was blocked on August 20, 2013. There is no reason to block it since the Taavi Kassila privacy/defamation case was mentioned in Iltalehti newspaper (Joogaguru syyttää naislaulajaa kunnianloukkauksesta , Jättilasku suomalaisen joogagurun loukkaamisesta). We predict that the herpes court case entry will eventually appear on Wikipedia but that Taavi Kassila will continue fight to suppress the truth because this is the automatic behavior of the criminally corrupt Amma organization.

We know many embarrassingly secrets which we promise to reveal including the fact that violent cult leader Amma forced her dsciple Rishi Taavi Kassila to sign a secret contract. Amma forced Kassila to declare that he had lied in his book Erään etsijän tarina about promising to be a bodyguard to ex-minister of culture following threats about Tanja Karpela's planned visit to an Ammachi Hugathon in Helsinki. Karpela fortunately canceled an Amma-advertized visit to Amma Amritanandamayi Amritapuri ashram, thereby saving her own life from a catastrophic tsunami which damaged the ashram.

Who is the biggest liar and greediest spiritual fake? Billionaire cult leader Amma Amritanandamayi or her disciple, the fraudulent Rishi Taavi Kassila?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Protest Amma College Prevents Students From Saving Suicide Student

Jagadish Angadi and Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui Bangalore:
Over a thousand students of a city college laid a siege to their college, alleging that academic pressure and relentless harassment by the management of the institution drove an engineering student, Jitendra Sai, to his death.

Students of Amrita Institute of Technology and Science lay siege to the college after Jitendra Sai (inset) committed suicide in Bangalore on Friday. DH Photo / S K DineshJitendra, 20, a student of BE 2nd semester (Electronics and instrumentation) at the Amrita Institute of Technology and Science, off Sarjapura Road was found by his classmates hanging from the ceiling in his room at the college hostel.

Protesting students charged the college management with being responsible for Sai’s death. The student was still breathing when found by his classmates, but the latter were prevented by college authorities from saving him, on the ground that it was a medico-legal case. The students’ sit-in at the college, that began in the afternoon, continued late into the night.

They demanded that stern action be taken against hostel wardens Lakshman Khare and Karunakar Babu who prevented them from saving Jitendra, and change of college rules to reduce academic pressure. They also wanted strict action against Dr S G Rakesh, Associate Dean of the college, who, they said, had formulated academic rules imposing intolerable burden on students that had forced Jitendra to take his life.

When Jitendra did not attend classes in the morning, classmates peeped into his room, No 224 of the college hostel, around 12:45 pm. Horrified at finding him hanging from the ceiling, they made de­sperate attempts to save him.

Wardens Khare and Babu, they claim, rushed in and prevented them from attending to him, arguing that it was a medico-legal case.

The students urged the college authorities to provide immediate medical aid to Jitendra but he was reportedly let to die as the doctor who arrived 25 minutes later proved incompetent to handle the situation.

Worse, the doctor asked the students to administer oral resuscitation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Thus, before proper medical aid could arrive, Jitendra died, his friends alleged.
The suicide and the alleged indifference of the college authorities to Jitendra’s death and their own demands infuriated about 1,000 students who staged a flash protest, sat in a dharna, and locked the gates. In no time, the college turned into a highly volatile zone.

The assurance by the college management of forming a committee entirely of students to conduct an inquiry into the incident failed to convince the protesters who continued their agitation till late night. Last reports said the students were continuing their protest and had declined the management’s offer.

Police have also buttressed the students’ stand and say there are “several issues” with the college which is a deemed university run the Mata Amritanandamayi group.

Jitendra was from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. He joined the college in 2009 and was supposed to be in 5th semester of the course. But he had failed in a few subjects and lost three semesters. His friends say the college subjected him to “undue academic pressure and constantly harassed him to perform well”.

“The college authorities are more interested in failing us and making money,” several students said, referring to the heavy penalties imposed on them if they fail in a single subject.

A student who fails in one subject has to pay a fine of Rs 6,000. Besides, the college has introduced several “draconian” rules. For instance, a student who celebrates his/her birthday in the campus/hostel is suspended from one semester and slapped with a fine of Rs 25,000, they said.

Dr Rakesh, however, defended the “draconian” rules, saying they are to rein only two percent of the students who do not perform well. “We implement a set of rules. There is no pressure on the students,” he told Deccan Herald.

He refused to comment when asked about the delay in providing medical aid to Jitendra.
Although no criminal complaint has been lodged, the HSR Layout police say they will do so if anybody comes forward. “Else, we’ll take suo motu notice and book a case,” Inspector N T Srinivas Reddy said.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sex Abuser Rishi Taavi Kassila Sues Victim He Infected With Herpes

A woman who was sexually abused by Amma monk Rishi Taavi Kassila naively assumed that no harm would come to her if she told the truth. She was wrong.

Taavi Kassila on the orders of cult leader Amma Amritanandamayi sued the woman because she told the truth about Kassila's medical status. The woman contracted herpes after Kassila forced unprotected sex upon her. Kassila claimed that his Amma business had been damaged by the revelations on  Tarina rakkauden apostolista that he was not a celibate.

Kassila was protecting Amma from critics. Amma sues critics who accuse her of murder. Amma has 300,000,000 in the bank which is not used for charity.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

63% Amma Donations Diverted Into Foreign Deposit Bank Accounts


The following report has been posted to the Ammachi Real Free Speech Zone group -

And a spreadsheet attached to it in the Files section. This site is publicly accessible.

An extract from that report:

"As you can see, 62.6% of foreign contributions were not utilized. I think it is safe to assume that these contributions were added to the Math's bank accounts. This would be consistent with bank foreign interest income increasing 47.4% from 97550090 Rs in 2006-07 to 143814124 Rs in 2011-12, despite a drop in bank CD interest rates of more than 50% then.

The next largest category is hospitals/clinics, with 17.8% of contributions. These are profit generating. (The governments of India and Kerala pay for the small amount of care given to the poor.) Following this are schools/colleges and student housing with 10.5% of contributions. These are also profit- generating, rather than humanitarian enterprises.

Despite the heavy PR about Amma's relief efforts, natural calamity relief utilized only 3.6% of foreign contributions over these six years. This leaves 5.5% of foreign contributions for all of Amma's other "Embracing the World" projects.

I wonder how many devotees would be happy to learn that only 9.2% of their contributions went toward Amma's humanitarian work, 28.3% went toward investments in profit making enterprises, and 62.8% was diverted into foreign deposit bank accounts. "

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Perverted Amma Monk Rishi Taavi Kassila Court Case Increases Vistors to Our Ex-Amma Blog

Thousands of people wanted to know what happened to the Amma monk Taavi Kassila herpes and teenage seduction court case after Kassila tried to remove all internet messages to hide his perverted hypocrisy. Kassila hour attacked Suomi24 discussions tearing down a signed statement by one of his teenage victims.

In one day, Friday August 17, 2013 there were thousands of visitors who wanted to know about 60 years old Amma celibate monk Taavi Kassila's court case to cover-up the truth of his promiscuous life of sexual cheating, lying, teenage seductions and spreading herpes.

Taavi Kassila's destruction of Suomi24 forum discussions and his ex-girlfriend's Tarina rakkauden apostolista blog has driven traffic to our blog Amma Amritanandamayi Taavi Kassila Sex Scandal Cover-up!

Revealed the  Taavi Kassila search engines phrases for Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fraud Alert - Amma Has Over $300,000,000 In Foreign Banks!

"Hug of Death" cult leader Amma Amritanandamayi is swindling and damaging the poor through her AIMS Hospital and defrauding her gullible neglected devotees. Determined investigators are uncovering a massive fraud!

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The following post was just made to another discussion group. It confirms that Amma now has over US $300 million parked in foreign bank accounts. Possibly even more than the $342 million calculated, as these are the 2012 figures!!

"The 2011-12 foreign contribution report (from 4/1/2011 through
3/31/2012) for the Mata Amritanandamayi Math is up now on the FCRA

The amount of foreign contributions during this period was 1,191,596,739
Rs. Using the average exchange rate during this period of 48 Rs to 1
US$, this is $24.8 million. Around three-quarters of this was for
"Construction/Running of hospital/dispensary/clinic". After reading up
on the subject, my understanding is that the state of Kerala pays for
care given by Amma's district medical care facilities, while the
government of India pays for the small amount of care given to the poor
at AIMS. Therefore, most of these funds were likely used to purchase
expensive medical equipment or for the construction of more commercial
hospital buildings and infrastructure.

Toward the end of the institutional donor list, bank interest is once
again the largest item. It is 205,169,556 Rs, or $4.27 million for this
year! Bank interest for 2006-7 was $2.17 million (at 45 Rs to 1$ then).
So the amount of bank interest has almost doubled during this five year
period, and the amount on deposits in banks has more than doubled, given
that interest rates have fallen.

I researched the best annual interest rates being paid on bank deposits
these days. For U.S. dollar accounts, it is 1.05%. For euros, it is 1.2%
in Germany and 1.6% in the UK. Dividing the $4.27 million of foreign
interest income by a representative 1.25% rate of interest, gives an
amount on deposit in banks of $342 million!

Can anyone tell me why Amma, who is supposed to be providing so much
humanitarian aid and help to the poor, needs to keep over $300 million
in bank accounts?"

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